Exploring New Things

  • Built an app in a workshop, exploring Slack bots and slash commands. Stored user input in a Notion database and utilized Netlify functions for API communication.
    my app workshop project

  • Attended a workshop where we learned about the Astro framework by building a very cool app, which showcased the potential of Astro. I must say that I like Astro very much.

  • Completed a todo app using Next.js. While my website is already built with Next.js, I was eager to expand my knowledge a bit with some new features of Next.js. It was my first time implementing server actions in Next.js (previously tried in the Remix framework), and I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. The concept of progressive enhancement also appealed to me.
    Server Actions In Next.js App

  • I had my first encounter with Open AI API. While following the workshop I completed Next.js application that I named Feel-AI. It is a journal app where you can collect your feelings, your emotions and AI will analyze them. You can also ask questions about your journal entries. Looking forward of playing around with AI in the future.
    Langchain Next.js

  • Played around with Svelte and Svelte Kit. Followed official interactive tutorials. Completed my first svelte app while following the online workshop.
    Interactive Tutorials Svelte App

  • Completed an eCommerce web app using Remix framework, integrating Sanity CMS for product management and Stripe for secure payments. Zustand was utilized for shopping cart state management, marking my first experience with it after exclusively using XState. Impressed by both Zustand and XState, I look forward to utilizing Zustand in future smaller projects like this.
    App Remix Sanity CMS Zustand Stripe Xstate

  • Exploring Remix framework through a comprehensive workshop.
    Workshop Remix

  • I've recently embarked on my journey to learn Rust through the book 'The Rust Programming Language' by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols. Alongside reading, I'm actively engaging in practical exercises to solidify my understanding of the language. Exciting times ahead!
    The Rust Programming Language by Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols Rust language

  • Commenced the development of my portfolio website utilizing Next.js 13 (beta app dir), PostgreSQL database, Prisma ORM, and the intuitive Sanity CMS. Opted for DaisyUI as my styling framework of choice. Currently immersing myself in the beta Next.js 13 documentation to further enhance my skills and explore its full potential.
    Next.js Prisma ORM Sanity CMS DaisyUI

  • Continuing to read Cormac McCarthy's "Blood Meridian" after taking a break from technology.
    Blood Meridian